Weekly round up 

This week our topic has been ‘birthdays’ and the children have been really enthusiastic about it by making invitations, birthday cards and setting up birthday parties in the role play area, wrapping presents, and singing happy birthday in french and mandarin! Brave’s party was the icing on the cake and its was great fun (twice). Mr. Ellis also loved doing the hokey kokey!

In maths this week we have continued the birthday theme by looked at significant numbers (our birthdays) and continuing to recognise numbers.

We will be looking at fairy tales in the next half of term and as a result will be changing our role play area. Watch the space change!

Finally thanks so much to all parents and carers for your fantastic support this first half term. Keep checking and supporting the blog, there will be lots going on next term. 

Have a wonderful half term holiday and see you soon.

Nursery team 😀😀😀😀


Cooperative learning in Nursery

Learning cooperatively is an essential aspect of life at Rosendale and is incorporated in to all areas of the curriculum. Research shows that it raises attainment, closes the achievement gap, improves socialisation skills and reduces behaviour issues. The cooperative learning structures we use support the learning.
In Nursery the children are learning to use a few cooperative learning structures to help them with their learning. This week we used Rally Robin to count to ten with our partners. Rally Robin means each partner taking turns to say something to create a verbal list. We have also used Quiz Quiz Trade to help us with our number recognition. With QQT the children were asked to greet their partner, ask them what number they had, respond when their partner asked them what number they had, celebrate their partner and say goodbye. And they had to continue with multiple partners until we said stop. A lot of steps but they have been amazing. The idea is that they partner up with the nearest person to them but as you’ll see in the short video, when we filmed it they all wanted to be my partner and I ended up with a little queue!