Icy cold fun!

What a freezing cold morning we’ve had today!

We went outside to discover all our water had frozen! We all had fun working out what to do to release our objects! We also had fun on the “slidey dance floor!”




Christmas show admin please read!

As the Christmas show is on a Wednesday which is our crossover day, we are trying to put things in to place that will make things run as smoothly as possible! 

If your child usually goes home for lunch on a Wednesday we would like to invite them to stay for lunch. That way they won’t need to be collected and then brought back to Nursery for 1pm to get ready for the show at 2pm. 

So, parents of Duke, Kadeem, Samuel, Baxter, Scarlett, Kate, Mahir, O’Shay, Saskia, and Seren, please email jostainton@rosendale.cc if you would like to pay for your child to stay for lunch on Wednesday 7th.

Morning children stay for lunch anyway so they can stay with us right up until the end of the show.

Afternoon children, and children who attend the second half of the week should come at the usual time of 12.30.

Children who don’t attend on Wednesday, please join us in Nursery at 1pm. 

Please send your costumes in asap, thanks to those to have sent them in already.

You will be able to take your child home at the end of the show, we do ask that you sign your child out with your child’s key worker.

Phew! Thanks for your cooperation and help. Prepare for cuteness overload!


Raising money for Crisis

Did you know that it only costs £22.32 to reserve someone a place at Crisis Christmas? They get:- Welcoming support from people who really care

– A chance to shower, freshen up and get clean clothes

– Three nutritious hot meals including Christmas dinner

– A health check and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist

– An introduction to Crisis’ year-round services for training and support for the future
So, I am running a stall at the Christmas Fair on Friday to try and raise enough money to book 10 people in – more if possible! Please help! Do you have any GOOD QUALITY clothes, shoes and bags that you would like to donate that we can sell? It’s a good excuse to clear out your wardrobes! 

We also need clothes hangers and if you have a clothes rail we could borrow that would be great. 

Donations can be left with me in Nursery. We need them in by Friday morning please.

Thank you


Updated Key Worker info

You will soon receive a letter about parents evening. We have adjusted the list of key workers very slightly. If your child has a new key worker please sign up to see that adult on parents evening.

Key workers are as follows:

Jo Stainton

Ella Peters

Asia Leigh McGovern

Bella Minns

Rowan Ferdinand Eley

Aled Roberts

Hanna Kravitz

Ksenija Grant

Anna Fancsali

Ella Townsend

Matt Ellis

Kadeem Rafiq Claude Ashley

Betsy Corcut

Ada Hey

Alissa Campbell

Hanna Hailey Yoboue  

Khaleesi Fenton

Leonard McAlinn

Elias Wilkinson

Ted Graham

Neelam Nanda

Esme Cooper

Baxter Chapman

Jessica Bristow

Saskia Riemer

Elsa Inglis

Tasniim Ismail  

Poppy Smith

Emily Prancane

Yazhi Nsudoh Parish

Tracey Kelly

Herli Bigue Yapua

Nieve Lambert

Mahir Muride

Kate MacArthur

O’Shay Reid

Seren Emmie Wunsche

Scarlett Chloe Lewis

Samuel Aziz

Arthur Leach

Duke Aranju


Phoebe Lambert


Thank you, the Nursery Team


Horniman trip helpers! Also letters

Dear all

Thanks for the offers of help. We have the following parents down of the following children to be coming on the trip with us:

Arthur, Khaleesi, Lenny, Bella, Ella Townsend, O’Shay, Saskia, Poppy, Aled (possibly)

So far we have not had letters for Esme, Tasniim, Scarlett, Kate, Asia-Leigh, Yazhi. Please get them in, if you want your child to come on the trip.


Nursery team