So so proud of our Nursery children!

What an amazing trip we had today! I was so proud to be out in London with the children they were so brilliant. They walked A LOT today, we’ve got a few sleepy bunnies here this afternoon. Several members of the public commented on how well behaved the children were while we were out.

We had great fun on the bus and the tube, and our time in The Garden at the museum was brilliant. Lots of fun things to try out and explore. Giant lego, water, mirrors, puppets, instruments, a den and things to climb. And of course lunch was a highlight!

A very big thank you to our lovely parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you, you were great! It was lovely to meet up with some of our nursery friends there too.

I have to give TFL a big shout out too, we had extremely cheerful helpful escorts all day which really really helped. If you are travelling on the underground this evening, give a TFL staff member a smile (or a high five if you’re feeling brave!) from everyone in Nursery class!

I can almost guarantee you will all get a good nights sleep tonight, the kids (and adults) are exhausted!




Last trip reminder!

Can’t wait for our trip to the science museum tomorrow! 

Please remember to bring a healthy packed lunch in a named bag (either a light backpack or sturdy plastic bag that can be thrown away), a light jacket (it’s predicted to be nice and warm tomorrow!) and sensible comfortable shoes for walking (we will be walking the length of the South Kensington subway).

We’ll be leaving as soon as we can in the morning so we will just have reading books out for learning together time. 

Thank you


Wall art

We are so lucky at Rosendale, we have an artist in residence, Josey Scullard. She does so many things across the school such as training teachers, teaching children, and working on whole school art projects. Last night she started painting our gloomy grey wall at the back of the Nursery playground. It looks beautiful!


Science Museum trip on Thursday

We are really looking forward to our trip on Thursday!

Just a couple of things to note:

  • All children coming with us on the trip MUST wear school uniform please
  • All children should bring a healthy packed lunch and some water (FYI as you all pay for nursery school lunches your school account will show credit for 30/3/17)
  • Please put the lunch in a robust plastic bag that has the child’s’ name on and can be thrown away, or in a little backpack that they will be happy to wear all day.

We will be travelling by bus and tube and we have a big team of dedicated staff and parent volunteers. We will ensure everyone has a really enjoyable day!