Weekly update 

It has been a dinosaurtastic week in nursery this week! The children have really embraced Learning all about dinosaurs and even questioning whether dinosaurs could still exist today or not? With the arrival of our dinosaur eggs, will next week so the birth of a little dinosaur. Do we need to rename nursery, Jurassic nursery?

In maths we have been learning a very difficult skill of estimating (making Sensible guesses) at amounts of things. Feel free to send in pictures of counting.

Next week we will be continuing our dinosaur theme and also giving you more information about our new weaving project!

Have a great weeekend!


Reading books

We are starting sending story books home this week. Children will have the opportunity to change their book on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The books will be for you to read to them and then discuss. You can then fill in what your child thought of the book in their reading record (see pic). We will only be able to send books home when the child has their book bag.

Happy reading!


More eggs!

We went to visit Year 1 this afternoon who are very carefully looking after some eggs. A tiny chick had just been born! It made our Nursery children even more excited about the egg delivery this morning!