An extremely exciting delivery…

This morning while we were learning some more about dinosaurs there was a delivery. When we opened the door there was a box marked FRAGILE! You’ll never guess what was inside! A giant egg!

Some fantastic talk and ideas this morning. We shared our thoughts about what kind of egg it could be and we’ve made some rules for looking after the egg and created a space for it in the room. 

Come and see next time you’re in – but no touching!


Weekly round up and news

Dear all

So lovely to see the kids back this week. Also great to see the smiles on parents faces at drop off 🙂

As the weather gets warmer the children are starting to do more learning outside and use the lovely spaces we have outside, so look out for that!

Thanks so much for the £5 contributions it really is much appreciated and really helps the experiences we can offer the children.

This half term we also have our nursery class assembly, so get the date in your diaries; 26th May.

Have a great weekend 😀👌😀