Weekly round up

Dear parents and carers, that’s it, one more half term done and dusted and one more left to go, before the summer holidays and then it’s big school time!

As ever the kids have been a delight this week and in fact the whole half term. It would be easy for me to say that the children spent ages preparing for the class assembly, but actually it took one week only. The children are so bright and capable and they just took it in their stride. Little legends!

This past few weeks learning about dinosaurs has been a joy.

Thanks again for all your support.

See you next half term.

Nursery team


Assembly tomorrow

Everyone is really looking forward to showing you our assembly tomorrow. Excitement levels are high!

Just a reminder it’s at 9.30 in the Sports Hall. We would appreciate it if you could drop the children with us at 9 tomorrow and go over to the sports hall. It will be the first time all the children are together so we’ll need some time to get sorted!

If you are able to bring them in dressed in anything green/brown/dinosaur coloured that would be great.

We look forward to seeing you!

PS bring a tissue!


Inside and outside fun this morning

We have enjoyed lots of games outside in the sunshine this morning. Did you know we have an ice cream shop in the Nursery playground? They are selling most flavours and you can have sprinkles or a flake if you want. They are a bit pricey though, someone said £4 for one scoop!


Hats and sun cream 

It’s going to be a lovely week in nursery weather wise so please stick a bit of suncream on your kids and provide a hat. R.E.M. Will choose to do their learning outside more and mor e, so we wants to make sure they are protected a little from the sun.


Beach tastic!

We’d love to set up a beach area In the sandpit area. Could you if possible lend us any little deckchairs/garden chairs you could lend us?

Also any paddling pool donations would be great 🙂


Image result for beach scene nursery outdoors


Learning about animation from the professionals 

Yesterday we were lucky enough to meet someone who makes films at Disney! He told us all about how animations are made and the differences between films we watch now and those made a long time ago. We watched a cartoon of Mickey Mouse that was 80 years old and we learnt how the actors recorded the voices. Then we got to see some of Toy Story in different languages. We also learnt how the recent Jungle Book film was made. Did you know it was all filmed in a shed? With no real animals!



Assembly clothes

It would be great if the children could come to school dressed in green/brown/dinosaur coloured clothes for the assembly next Friday, 26th May. Only if possible, we don’t want to give you more things to organise!

Children in green team could wear their school t-shirt back to front!

They will all be wearing a hat/mask that they have made.