What is it like in reception?

This morning we arranged for some children from reception to visit so that our children could ask them questions about what is it like in reception. All four of the children had also been in the nursery so they were able to identify a bit with how the children might be feeling.

Some questions and (honest) answers were:

Can mummies and daddies still come in in the morning? Yes, it’s the same. They can stay until high 5.

Is it fun? Yes lots of fun!

What happens at lunchtime? You get taken to the lunch hall and get your lunch. It’s the same except you can sit where you want and when you are finished you can go straight out to play. 

What happens if you eat slowly? If you are slow your friends might finish before you and you will have less playtime!

Do adults help you at lunch? There are lots of adults in the hall. They can help you cut up food, or if you spill something. The food is still nice.

What is the best thing about reception? You go on lots of trips, you learn cool things and you get to play!

Hopefully the children enjoyed it and it’s answered some questions. It is totally normal for them to have questions and worries. We have been watching a couple of CBeebies shows that the children have enjoyed.


Hope that’s helpful, please feel free to get in touch.

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